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Here's how it works

The details:


  1. CONTACT ME to discuss the project. Ideally, send me a photo of you wearing your garment (the email address is indicated on the form). Then, enter the required information on this form.  You can see examples of our work here.
  2. Once the AGREEMENT has been signed, a $50 deposit is required to start the project. You can simply send it via bank transfer.
  3. A COURIER will pick up the original garment(s) from your home, at your convenience.
  4. The SEARCH for the desired fabric or something similar to the original will begin. Only the necessary quantity will be purchased so there is no waste.
  5. A self-employed SAMPLE MAKER (very experienced pattern designer and seamstress) will carefully CREATE the garment. Starting with the design of your beloved garment, the magic begins.
  6. WE SEND your order. Everything will be sent to you by express courier, or delivered by a member of the Réplikkas team. A confirmation of the shipment will be sent to you.
  7. Your COMMENTS are important. Since it will be invaluable for us to hear and read your comments, you can share them via our social networks, or in the email we will send to you after our first contact. That’s how you can help us improve our business and your satisfaction.





Send us the information about your garment with photos through this form. In a few days, we will send you an estimate, your garment will be collected and returned to you approximately 4 weeks later.