Who are we? | Replikkas

I am Andréanne Charbonneau, 

welcome to Réplikkas!

After several years of apprenticeship in various industries in Canada and Europe, I decided to start my own business at home in Québec.

I drew my inspiration from as far as Germany where lived for a year at the age of 17 and my interest in eco-responsible issues began. That interest led me to focus my Master’s dissertation on Fair Trade Marketing, which enabled me to work in the field in London, England. 

The fair-trade craze in England was and remains fascinating to me.

This background gave birth to an idea and the conviction that I could provide a useful, responsible solution that respects the environment and serves people’s needs.

This concept is to create a similar or improved version of a favourite garment unique to you to give it new life and to sustain its usefulness, comfort and personal bond.

We offer turnkey services that require unique and advanced skills: finding the perfect fabric, designing the pattern and sewing a meticulous creation.

Who we are? 

The Réplikkas idea was born during and despite the pandemic in the spring of 2020.

By the fall, after being convinced that the concept worked, we officially launched the service and customers were VERY excited and satisfied.

Based in the Montréal area, we are a small team that is passionate about reviving the love of the garments you already adore. It’s a responsible way to consume clothes because you know you will wear them.

We are self-employed, working under fair and equitable conditions. We are very nimble and skilled in pattern making, cutting and sewing, also known as unique sample design.

The concept is similar to tailor-made because we adjust the patterns, improve certain aspects and even add a personal touch to achieve the perfect co-creation.

couturière au travail

Our values

The love of clothing. The emotion and history of clothing. Comfort. Quality. Local and eco-responsible production. A job well done. Customer satisfaction.

Our mission 

Recreate your favourite clothes and avoid consuming ready-to-toss items.  

Our promise

''The garment created will bring back memories and evoke emotions while delivering the same comfort and style as the original.''

femme recherche vêtement