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Frequently Asked Questions

Each person and each item of clothing is unique. Each project generates questions.

1. Can I supply my own fabric? Yes. Just  make sure you have the correct amount for pockets, linings, sleeves, if applicable. Get advice from in-store staff. Ideally, the fabric should be washed and dried either in the dryer or flat, depending on the supplier's directions. You can supply the buttons, zippers and other accessories if you wish.

2. Can I change some details of the original model? This is the beauty of the Réplikkas concept! In fact, in several cases, we have improved an already adored garment. Here are some examples:

  • Remove unnecessary buttons from a jacket to lighten the look
  • Use only one fabric instead of 2 different ones for a bolero outfit so it ages better
  • Improve support at the bust in a jumper by adding an elastic at the back and a tie at the neck
  • Create a more attractive belt for a wrap-style dress
  • Add a thicker lining to hold the collar of a dress securely
  • Change the drape of a sleeve to make it look more current
  • Extend the length of a short-sleeved sweater
  • Remove the pockets at the bust of a blouse to highlight the fabric print
  • Sometimes we manage to recover certain items such as buttons or an appliqué

3. Can I change the size of the original model? In the business, we call that gradation, a more complex operation than creating a pattern with precise measurements. It depends on several factors. For example, taking a few inches off a skirt or dress, or making a sweater slightly larger at the bust, are fairly easy modifications to make. If the garment is loose, flexible and not very fitted, the result is more likely to be satisfactory. To be as precise as possible, we will need some measurements. Please send or complete the attached form and send it to us via the contact area below.

Questions? Ne vous gênez pas!